4FRONT FANALYTICS Finds that Hispanics Comprise 30 percent of the U.S. NASCAR Online Audience

During National Hispanic Heritage Month, (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15), I couldn’t wait to share recent insights on the Hispanic segment. As an analyst for 4FRONT, learning something new about this segment gets me excited about the possibilities for brands!
No doubt you have read something on sports marketers engaging the Hispanic audience. It is a HUGE and HIGH GROWTH segment. Our studies found that Hispanics comprise of 30 percent of the U.S. NASCAR online audience. While soccer and boxing are the first two sports that come to mind when thinking of engaging with the Hispanic sports fan, NASCAR should be in that consideration set too.
@TeamHendrick can tell you about engaging with sports fans because they work every day with their partners to digitally engage with the broader online NASCAR audience. Last week, during Hendrick Motorsports’ annual Partner Summit, they discussed ideas on how to better engage with the Hispanic NASCAR audience.
· INSIGHT: Over 150 million “devices” are in the U.S. Hispanic NASCAR online audience
That is “devices” like a smart phone or a tablet or a computer – exactly where fans view video content to keep up with their favorite driver.
The Hispanic NASCAR audience has many of the same characteristics of the general Hispanic population– young (25 to 29 years), kids in home, single – as well as some provocative interests like a passion for sweepstakes and contests, impending key “life moments” (planning to wed, starting a family, in-market for a home). They believe “there is no time like the present” and seek ways to live a better life.
· INSIGHT: The Spanish speaking Hispanic NASCAR audience is well suited for brands
offering products for home, automotive, financial and continuing ed.
Their youth is also likely the reason behind their high use of key social media platforms associated with youth like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Compared to the general population, Hispanics consume MORE video content and do so for LONGER periods of time.
· INSIGHT: Digital engagement, especially with video, resonates with the Spanish speaking
Hispanic NASCAR audience
So, if you are looking for ways to begin engaging with the Hispanic NASCAR audience, it starts in the same place you start for the general population – your business objectives. Any marketing strategy for the Spanish speaking audience should consider the language as well as imagery, offer and execution of the media mix.
It is time to start your engines when it comes to multicultural segments like Hispanics! Look for agencies that can pull a custom audience for you like 4FRONT, and can advise you on testing your digital ad units (A/B testing) within the media mix and the execution of the creative like AC&M Group. The audience isn’t going to get smaller, only larger and more meaningful. And, just like the drivers and racing team, find a team that’s constantly testing and learning to reach the best possible results!

1. U.S. Census Bureau defines Hispanic or Latino as “a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race” – approximately 58 million in the U.S.
2. Spanish-language Hispanics are those 4FRONT identified as speaking Spanish, and /or consuming media in Spanish language and/or setting their default browser to Spanish.

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