4FRONT Virtual Services

Virtual Consulting & Training

We are offering a series of virtual consulting and training services designed to help teams, leagues, brands and organizations align and accelerate business, keep employees connected, and strengthen corporate partnerships in the midst of COVID-19.


Revenue Generation, Partnership Strategy + Value


Revenue Generation, Partnership Strategy + Value

Virtual Partner Renewal & COVID-19 Contingency Planning Sessions

These fully interactive strategy sessions will help properties and brands renew, grow, and maximize key corporate partnerships amid the COVID-19 crisis. We’ll  help identify ways to maximize new opportunities, online fan engagement, as well as storytelling value for your partners.

1.5 hours • 5-15 People

Video Call Consultations (Expert Sports Biz Solutions Where and When You Need It)

We want to work with you to roadmap and solve key challenges that you are facing. Specialty focus areas include Revenue Generation, Fan Engagement, Monetizing Social / Digital Assets, Storytelling, Innovation, Organizational Acceleration, Partnership Strategy & Retention. We can schedule and host your team with 48 hours notice.

Virtual Innovation Hours

These 60 minute sessions help your organization stand for something, take risks, tell a story, and own a moment in time. During this hour – we’ll push you to think BIG and develop new, creative & disruptive solutions that your partners and fans will love!

1-hour • 5-20 People

Partnership Storytelling & Prospecting Workshop

Let’s work together to think like a brand and help you to evolve your go-to-market sales and storytelling materials. We will arm you with our “Pitch Perfect” tips, key categories to target and “reasons for the call.”

1.5 hours • 5-15 People

Partner Summits

We have years of experience helping properties develop and host Partner Summits, ranging from programming to planning to execution. We’ll work with you to create an inspiring online summit that will demonstrate your commitment to maximizing each and every corporate partnership.

1-4 Hours • 5-200 People

Online Platform & Inventory Creation Sessions

Each 90 minute virtual workshop is designed to help properties create new, sellable platforms and assets for partners. We will tailor each session to maximize your social / digital platforms as “high value” inventory that you can proactively take to partners.

1.5 Hours • 5-200 People


Organizational Acceleration – Culture, Training + Employee Engagement

Training: Sponsorship 101: The Value & Role of Sponsorship

We can teach your employees why sponsorship works and how it drives incredible value for brands. The session will help properties & brands understand the Art & Science of Sponsorship (marrying the power of analytics and innovation) and how it’s used to drive purchase intent, raise brand perception, and more!

1-hour • 2-25 People

Training: How to Manage Your Remote Team & Maximize Happiness

If you have managers and leaders that are new to managing remote teams, then we can help. We will share techniques, tips and ideas for running successful virtual meetings, powerful ways to engage remote workers to ensure productivity, and instructions for troubleshooting common pitfalls. We’ll help you create new Slack competitions and team building activities that your managers will love and learn from

1-hour • 1-10 People

Remote Lunch & Learn (Team Building, Education, & Inspiration)

For your Lunch & Learn, we will provide an expert to teach your staff about one of a series of interesting topics, including:

  • •Sponsorship
  • •Analytics
  • •Social / Digital Media

30-60 minutes l 2 – 100 People


Brian Gainor

Vice President, Innovation

Bill Nielsen

Vice President, Partner Solutions