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Hello #sportsbiz professionals and industry friends. Coming to you again for a slightly modified version of #4TRENDS in #4WAYS We Can Help. At 4FRONT, we’re proud of our role problem solvers on behalf of our partners and prospects all over the world. We understand how much the industry and landscape has changed with the elimination of live events and other inventory, but nevertheless we are here to help sustain your property in the short-term in order to grow the property to new levels in the long-term. That being said, we’re people-first and above all else, we are thinking about you and your families, hoping you are all safe and healthy.

States are beginning to open and we have seen a handful of leagues begin to zero-in on return strategies, put on virtual events and open practice facilities where restrictions have been lifted. Creativity and ideation continue to be at the core of everything happening within the industry. We can only control so much but can nevertheless still have to find new and innovative ways to connect with fans, sponsors and fellow industry professionals.

As we begin to feel some aspects of normal life, 4FRONT is here to keep your ship afloat amidst everything occurring in this world. We are here to help for the return whenever that may be. Stay safe and enjoy a few ways we can help!

Sponsorship Asset Valuation

Properties will look for quick forms of revenue and even though this is a league decision, jersey patch sponsorships are inevitable. Leagues will have to supplement the loss of gate receipts with new revenue streams. Some leagues are against the devaluing of the jersey, but the NBA led the way a few years ago and the NFL, MLB and NHL are sure to follow. 4FRONT is equipped to appropriately place a value on the sponsorship inventory so your property can properly go-to-market with the right price. See the asset valuation work we’ve done in the past here.

Virtual Training Sessions

You and your coworkers have probably spent more time via Zoom or other online communications platforms than you would ever have imagined. With that in mind, our Innovation team has built a series of virtual product offerings to help your team while you are all working remotely. Whether it’s sales training for a new partnership executive, an inventory creation session to proactively take to partners or a partnership renewal contingency planning workshop for when sports return, the consulting arm of 4FRONT have built out the groundwork for your property. To get a deeper look into all of the available products and services, click here.

Thought Leadership Webinars

Our team of #sportsbiz experts have hosted several webinars over the past few months on behalf of teams and leagues around the world. Whether it’s NACDA, NBA TMBO or international properties, the 4FRONT team encourages thought leadership, collaboration and the sharing of best practices for how to maximize this moment in time through effective solutions. Sponsorships, digital media campaigns and fan initiatives are major talking points for industry executives, and we have developed several webinars focused on learning during this time for everyone in the organization. Interested in building out a thought leadership webinar? Click here for more information.

Fan-less Environment Technology

An innovative way to continue to deliver on sponsorship deals and ignite the fan base, brought to you by 4FRONT Technologies. Venues will be fan-less for the foreseeable future, but how can you digitally engage with your fans and your sponsors through the television broadcast? 4FT, in conjunction with Anthony James Partners have begun developing the specs for LED screens within venues to take the place of the dead space where fans would normally be. Whether it’s on top of the dugouts of a baseball stadium or outside of the octagon at UFC fights, 4FRONT Technologies is developing, constructing and implementing digital boards that show up as new inventory within the broadcast but physically reside in the venue. This has the potential to revolutionize the fan (and sponsor) experience while you are watching at home. Interested in learning more? Click here.

UFC held a fan-less event in Jacksonville this past weekend, MLB has submitted its return-to-play proposal to the Players’ Association and the UK government officially granted the English Premier League the ability to begin play on June 1. Sports are slowly but surely coming back, and those efforts will continue to rise.

4FRONT has developed several products and services during this moment-in-time to help properties get through this. All the solutions above play on unique ways to engage fans, sponsors and all other marketing efforts. Asset valuations, webinars, training sessions as well as fan-less environmental technology are just a few innovative ways that 4FRONT can assist your property as sports begin to slowly return to normal. Being in the optimal position will be imperative for any property looking to maximize their revenue streams in the next few weeks.

If you’re interested in learning more and want to discuss ways to work together, reach out to me at Jared@Team4FRONT.com.

“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” – Michael Phelps

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