We are data storytellers. We help our partners understand and engage their fan bases by providing in-depth analyses of fan behavior across various touchpoints. We leverage data to evaluate existing and new partnership assets and measure sponsorship performance. Our products and services have led our partners to maximize opportunities and tackle challenges across sponsorship prospecting and sales, partnership activation, ticketing and fan marketing.


Our two primary buckets are Fanalytics™ (Insights) and SponsorSmart (Valuations).
We are partners, not vendors, and operate as an extension of your team fully invested in your success and maximizing your ROI.


Better understand your fan base through their digital and social footprint

SponsorSmart Valuations

Deep insights and actionable recommendations mined from first and third party data aggregated across various touchpoints


Fanalytics TM FAQ

Understand the fan base

  • “We need to understand our fans better, but how?”
  • “What are the key personas amongst my fans?”
  • “What marketing initiatives will resonate best amongst our fan base?”
  • “We’ve had Scarborough for a long time, but we need something more dynamic.”
  • “We have collected a lot of 1st party data, but need help augmenting behavioral attributes to that data.”
  • “How do we learn more about our social media followers?
  • “Can our fan base be segmented on content preferences or social platforms they prefer?

Grow the fan base

  • “What segments are performing well, and which audiences can we improve upon?”
  • “Can you find lookalikes of our most avid fans and advise us on how to convert them?”
  • “We have a large social following and large site traffic. How do we learn more about these silent fans?”
  • “Where can we find new fans that are interested in the sport, but not yet part of the ecosystem?”

Brand Prospecting & Storytelling

  • “What brands do our fans have high affinities for?”
  • “What categories align well with our fan base?”
  • “We have a list of brands in our pipeline but need help with data-centric reasons for a call and outreach.”
  • “Are there ways to see what the overlap is among our fans and a specific brands’ customers?”
  • “Our sales pipeline could use a refresh. Can data be used to better inform us on brand prioritization?”
  • “What are some brands/categories
  • that are hot prospects based on recent sponsorship spending?”
SponsorSmart Valuations


SponsorSmart FAQ

Rate Card Valuations

  • “We haven’t updated our inventory prices in years.”
  • “Marketing thinks our social / digital inventory is worth this, but our sellers think it’s worth that.”
  • “We have a new venue coming online and need help identifying and valuing sponsorable opportunities.”


Partnership Valuations

  • “We have to help our partners better understand the value delivered by their sponsorships.”
  • “We need to demonstrate the ROI of a potential sponsorship to a brand to help close the deal.”
  • “We want to understand the value delivered by our jersey patch during a specific event.”


Partner Impact Studies

  • “Our partners need more than ROI; they need more clarity on how their partnership with us is moving the need or their brand.”
  • “We want to show our partners how aware our fans are of the partnership and how the partnership is changing their brand consumption behaviors.”