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Bahamas Bowl Partner Secures Newest Business

At 4FRONT, we specialize in thinking outside the box and creating ideas and solutions that have never been thought of before. We are proud to celebrate with our Partners, Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl, as they have epitomized what we strive for a 4FRONT.

Last year, Elk Grove Village in Illinois became the first municipality to become a title sponsor of a college bowl game. The Chicago-suburb used its branding name, “Makers Wanted”, in the title and created the Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl. The goal of the title sponsorship was to attract national business to create a location in Elk Grove and just nine months after the bowl game aired, that goal was achieved.

Elk Grove Village officials announced on August 13 that their sponsorship helped attract Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores to the Village. Love’s is an industry-leading travel stop network and their stops can be found across the country. Love’s plans to build a 7,600 square foot store and fueling station in Elk Grove and officials believe it will generate millions of dollars in sales tax in just a few years.

This is the first business to come to Elk Grove as a direct result of the bowl game and it showcases a new marketing platform for municipalities. Elk Grove has renewed its sponsorship for the Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl for Year 2 and it was negotiated by 4FRONT.

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