Here’s to getting together with friends and calling it work

-By Dan Migala

If there’s one phrase, a toast or a call-to-action of why I love #SportsBiz and 4FRONT, this is it. That sentence is also the reason why all of us at 4FRONT were so proud to announce our new partnership with Global Sports Commerce (GSC) in Sports Business Journal this past week.

 So many colleagues mentioned how they personally loved GSC Chief Executive Officer MS Muralidharan comment in SBJ when he said, “Our partnership with 4FRONT is all about people and business alignment. There was an immediate cultural fit with Dan, Josh and the 4FRONT team from the very first meeting and as we continued to meet, business opportunities manifested within our current and potential new business offerings.”

This public proclamation from him is “getting together with friends and calling it work” defined. There’s so many companies that rightfully trumpet what they do. For us, we’re so proud of the work we do in our four core competencies of Analytics, Digital Media, Innovation and Partnership Sales that I could write an entire other blog post on it. As important as the what is to our success, the key 4FRONT differentiator – especially in this moment in time – is how we do.

At 4FRONT, we’re an incredible group of friends who are fortunate to work together and it shows in how we take the field each and every day—and even more so moving forward with our new teammates at GSC.

For me, the heartbeat of our how is rooted in our core values:


These 5 values are more than just words. They’re attitudes, aspirations, feelings and connective tissues that help us to fail forward when we don’t succeed and high-five each other when we raise the bar of what’s possible.

ALL-IN  Our Innovation team comprised of Brian Gainor, Becca Hemby, Katie Foglia, Brooke Halvorsen and Katie LaCroix is simply put, “All-In all the time!” I’m continually impressed by their unselfishness in all they do both externally and internally to make their teammates better in an ego-less manner. One of the challenges in being an external innovation team is living outside of our client partners’ offices. But the highest compliment I can pay them is they have earned the right to be on the org charts of some of the world’s top sporting brands as a direct result of this All-In mentality.

WE GOT YOUR BACK Our Analytics team is led by Ruchir Shah and has AJ Stoner, Alex Foster, Cory Winkler and Zoe Douglas. What I love about this team is not only are they comprised of some of the best data minds in the business, but they truly are always around to help their internal and external teammates. Even for a team that thrives on numbers, they always impress as great teammates who don’t keep score and always Got Your Back.

95/5 Our revenue-generating team is comprised of some of the most unique personalities in the business and love how they bring their true self to grow our business as they are a joy to be around. My fellow 4FRONT Co-Founder Josh Kritzler oversees our revenue-generating team with Shannon Hooper leading our Partnership Sales team and Bill Nielsen leading our Partner Solutions team and they epitomize bringing their 95/5 to work and have built incredible personal relationships with their clients and new partners. This value permeates in their teams with Justin Baldwin, Maureen Cronin, Graeme Jones, Jared Levin and Jeff Owen carrying the torch.

BE LIKE MIDGE Midge Donahue was a trail-blazing executive for the Chicago Cubs in the 1940s and is a hero of ours. She was all about doing things that have never been done before and our digital team, led by Heather Klein, does this on a daily basis. Her all-star team of Brooks Byers, Andrew Carlson, Matt Hudspith, David Krueger, Andrea Lopez, Courtney Penland, Kati Ruthart, Derek Striegle, Erin Willoughby and Gavin Wilkinson make the impossible possible with their revenue-producing digital strategies for the likes of UFC, PBR, ISC tracks and so many sports and entertainment properties looking to drive revenue through digital and Be Like Midge. Something I know Midge would have done if she only had a smart phone back in the 1940s.

FOMO Simply by checking our social channels, it’s easy to see that FOMO is part of the heartbeat of our culture at 4FRONT. Not too many places can say that our teammates have FOMO of what’s going in the office when they’re on holiday but 4FRONT truly is that place thanks to the cultural visions of Jenna Kampfschulte and Stephanie Warren-Ryce and the creative genius of Darius Thomas.

As we take a moment to celebrate this new partnership; I wanted to raise a glass to all of our past 4FRONT teammates, our current 4FRONT team, our new global teammates at GSC and those that will be added to the 4FRONT team in the future job openings to say thank you. It is a honor to be friends who are fortunate enough to get together and call it work.

Proud, humbled and committed to be part of a team as special as 4FRONT.

The best is yet to come…

– Dan Migala

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