Innovation & Revenue Workshops

4FRONT Innovation & Revenue Workshops

4FRONT leads Innovation & Revenue Workshops for teams, leagues, brands, and agencies worldwide with the intent of accelerating partnership strategy, identifying new prospects and inventory to sell, and further inspiring staff to advance the organization’s revenue-generating efforts.

The workshops are designed to encourage members of the organization to think big, strategically, boldly, creatively, and differently about the organization’s business. The workshops serve as an opportunity for every member of the organization to have a voice, take away inspirational ideas, continue to evolve, and most importantly, have fun.

The Value to your organiZation

4FRONT’s One-Day Innovation & Revenue Workshops Are Designed To:

  • Train staff to think about and approach their roles as revenue generators more creatively
  • Create cross-departmental alignment and collaboration
  • Identify new, sellable platforms, positioning opportunities, and inventory
  • Drive organizational transparency and “buy-in” to deeper ideation and progressive strategies
  • Create a unified and entrepreneurial-centric business operation
  • Help employees “think organizationally”
  • Capitalize on new partnerships and storytelling opportunities

Who We’ve Done It For:

Chicago Cubs
Minnesota Vikings
Indianapolis 500
USA Fencing
Chicago White Sox
Oakland Athletics
National Sports Forum
Minnesota Twins
Irish Rugby Football Union
Texas Rangers


One-Day Workshop (Recommended): $15,000
Half-Day Workshop: $7,500

Brian Gainor

Vice President, Innovation