Maximize your digital spend with on-the-go moms in mind

Like a lot of my female colleagues, I have two jobs: first, and most importantly, my role as a mother; second, my professional role as vice president of digital for 4FRONT. On an almost daily basis, these worlds collide as we’re routinely asked by our clients to create a digital strategy focused on engaging moms.
In these moments, I’m accountable for what 4FRONT likes to call the Double Bottom Line. The ROI (return on investment) of tickets sold and the ROI (return on inspiration) to mom the fan. Over the past five years, we’ve run hundreds of digital campaigns and the best strategies inspire me, the mom, and drive results for me, the executive.
It’s a wise approach to always start with facts. Seventy-eight percent of consumers prefer personalized ads (Adobe Digital Insights, 2016). When developing one-to-one messaging, keep in mind that not all moms are created equal. Millennial moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, affluent moms and soccer moms all have different needs and wants, so a broad message will get lost in a digital blur.
Any mom knows there are four food groups in a healthy diet for our families and the same rule of four holds true with the variety of platforms in a healthy digital strategy….

Go Ahead, Look Around