Minor League Baseball digital vision one to watch

One of my favorite quotes in #SportsBiz is “it’s no longer a digital strategy, it’s just a strategy.”
It is a simple reminder that our “why” as marketers is to execute strategies that engage, inspire and transact fans regardless of “how” we do it. I was reminded of this “why” at the Minor League Baseball Partner Summit in Columbus.
On the surface, Minor League Baseball possesses a community feel that transcends the game itself. Values of fun, memories and unique experience are plentiful in the 44+ million fans that attend a Minor League Baseball game.
Anyone that has attended a Minor League Baseball game, knows that the league and its 160 teams do a brilliant job of fan storytelling and creating incredibly innovative experiences that break through the noise.

But “how” they do it in 2018 is worth sharing.
Minor League Baseball Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy & Business Development Katie Davison led a season about the digital vision of the 107-year old league by outlining the core of their “digital” strategy with four simple actions:
– Co-Author stories
– Build experiences
– Cut through clutter
– Drive innovation

On the surface, these four action points could be an in-game strategy or traditional marketing initiative. But it’s not. It’s a vision that has so many tentacles and simplifies the art of possible for teams and leagues. It’s taken what is great about the experience of being a fan and giving that voice a larger platform through the wonder of digital assets.
And that’s why it works.

I think the Minor League Baseball digital vision is one that us in the #SportsBiz community should keep both eyes on as the vision and strategy comes to life in the months and years ahead.
Play Ball!

-Dan Migala

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