By: Jenna Kampfschulte

As a mom I have to say that my Mother’s Day was pretty good. The pace of life is slower right now so I was able to enjoy my daughters and didn’t feel badly asking my husband to cook for me. But I’m the only mom in the family so we also didn’t have to struggle with virtual luncheons or braving the post office to send gifts to those we cannot visit. The effect coronavirus has had on families is both positive and negative – and in honor of this weekend’s national holiday we asked some of our favorite partners and friends in the sports business to give us their take on how life has changed.


1. We clearly are not interested in taking on too much. Most of us have 2 kids – a couple went for 3, but overall very manageable family sizes.

2. A couple of us were early adopters – and their kiddos are already out of the house. That can be tough when quarantined but also their empty bedrooms make great home gyms.

3. Not one of us was meant to be a teacher – for anyone who has kids in the house – “homeschooling” was the #1 challenge associated with coronavirus.  

4. Netflix knows no bias when it comes to age, family size or geographical location – we all listed it as a coping strategy.

5. This mom’s club is invited to my friend Alex’s house when this is over since she said her surprise bonus has been cooking more!

Now the data part – because you know –
We do analytics at 4FRONT…

Number of Kids



Ages of Children

chart created with amCharts | amCharts

Biggest COVID-19 Challenge

Biggest COVID-19 Surprise Bonus

COVID-19 Coping Strategies

Granted our sample size was smaller – but it is nice to see that in a world where separation is pretty important – we are all still connected when it comes to how we feel.

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