I’ve Waited My Whole Career For This

I studied Aerospace Engineering as an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!). This was honestly before the advent of sports marketing programs as a legitimate course of study and potential career path. That said, I also LOVED numbers (still do) and thought that engineering was the career choice for me.

Move forward, I jumped immediately to grad school and a master’s degree in sports management (Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh) and kicked off my career in the sports and entertainment industry.

From the start, I was relatively obsessed with how numbers could apply to sports. Not Moneyball analytics, the BUSINESS side of our industry.  Prior to joining 4FRONT, during my 16-year tenure at Nielsen Scarborough Sports, I put a LOT of mindshare on how to “sectionalize” a venue in terms of fans and their behaviors and habits.

Our partners were asking for it. This was being done in some rudimentary ways (maybe demographics and some buying behaviors of season ticket holders), but not in any organized or true, full picture, go-to-market deliverables.

A little over a year ago, our 4FRONT analytics team started working with the Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders. As we started ingesting their first-party consumer data and overlaying with the 3rd party data attributes and subsequent analysis our team provides… VOILA!

The “sectionalization” dream I had for years was a real thing.

I literally did a double-take when I first saw the stadium sectionalization graphic just a couple of weeks ago. I quickly realized how it could be used across so many applications (see below). Selling gate partnerships (i.e. west gate entries are more likely financial services, high-end customers, whereas east gate entries are more likely to drive pickups), venue level partnerships (premium level, right field deck) and a much deeper dive on what motivates and drives purchase behavior for different sections and types of buyers.

It’s exciting stuff and can open up entirely new (and efficient) ways to market to focused groups of fans and for corporate partners to activate by location on-site, outside of static or digital signage.

At the end of the day, it’s what we strive to do every single day here at 4FRONT – use analytics and insights to find new ways to tell a compelling story on behalf of our partners and be a part of moving our entire industry forward. Sports have always had great data and we’re now in the move forward age of not just understanding the business side of the numbers but taking direct and measurable action on that data.

On to the next challenge…

Click the link below to go in-depth and learn more about how we sectionalize your fans! For more information on how we can do this for your organization, reach out to us at info@team4front.com

Stadium Sectionalization example

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