The 4FRONT Way of Monetizing Your Team’s Championship or Milestone Celebration

In a perfect world, your team always wins a championship and the ritual of hoisting a trophy at the end of the season is something you can set on the calendar to activate and monetize around.

In this same perfect world, there’s a reminder on key team historical anniversaries to get ahead of and plan key anniversary celebrations to also activate and monetize.

These challenges AND opportunities were the foundation for 4FRONT’s presentation at the National Sports Forum in Atlanta where we had the unique occasion to share proven strategies from 4FRONT’s work in designing world-class anniversary and celebration strategies.

Using experiences from our diverse portfolio of work in the championship and milestone seasons with the Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Western Bulldogs; we’ve realized it starts with 4FRONT’s 4-step declaration that becomes a GPS for the plan:

Stand For Something: Define a mission statement or a vision for the celebration planning.

Take a Risk: Declare at minimum, one risk your organization will do as part of the celebration.

Make Yourself Uncomfortable: Create an internal culture to be comfortable being uncomfortable with ideation.

Own a Moment in Time: Teams have one chance to get this right and its critical to own this moment in time and connect with all touchpoints of the fan and revenue eco-system.

In our presentation, we dived into how this strategy was applied to the Chicago Cubs during their 2016 championship celebration and beyond. The central takeaway is how the Cubs took risks in 11 key areas. The 11 represented each of their playoff wins culminating with a Game 7 World Series-clinching win.

Here are the Cubs 11 strategic pillars:

  • Community
  • Retail
  • Watch parties
  • Fan-centric
  • Photo opportunities
  • Wrigtoberville
  • Sponsor amplification
  • Fan journey to the ballpark
  • School initiatives
  • Once-in-a-lifetime experiences
  • Trophy Tour

While planning for a celebration 108 years in the making like the Cubs 2016 World Championship requires on-field success, our team has learned the same process can be applied to planning for the much more predictable milestone celebrations.

For 4FRONT, the 10 focus areas in planning are:

  1. Begin with Key Questions
  2. Create a Celebration Team
  3. Define the Timeline
  4. Go All-In to Incorporate Anniversary/Championship
  5. Allow Fans to Participate
  6. Transform Traditions
  7. Create a Digital Inventory
  8. Identify Opportunities to Generate Revenue
  9. Create a Strategy for Fan Engagement Across Key Touchpoints
  10. Be Different & Be BIGGER!

4FRONT takes great pride in being teammates to teams around the world in these key moments in time. In the spirit of the family of the National Sports Forum, we’re pleased to share the full presentation complete with detailed case studies and creative inspirations from best-in-class championship and anniversary celebrations.


To receive your copy of this presentation, please click the link below:


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