What We Are #Grateful4

By: Jenna Kampfschulte

We like to claim April 4th, (4/4) as 4FRONT’s Birthday. It’s not really (the company was technically founded in August) – but it makes a good story and it gives us an ownable moment in time to express ourselves. This year our very talented Design Strategist Darius was inspired to create an expression of hope via video. It acknowledges the emptiness we all see (and feel) while also (and even more importantly) anticipates the return of fandom, in-person teamwork and the excitement of live events. You can’t really have one without the other – you can only recognize that something is empty if it was once full – right?

Kahlil Gabran (a Lebanese-American writer, poet and visual artist, best known for writing The Prophet) wrote the following “When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”

So True.

We miss most what we love most – sports (and cheeseburgers at a pub, pick-up games at the park and sending your kids to school where someone else teaches them math.) There’s no denying the difficulty of missing all of these things (and in many people’s cases – much, much more) but it helps alleviate the heaviness when we acknowledge the things we love that aren’t lost. Gazillions of studies have proven that showing gratitude for the small things helps us cope with the big ones. So, we asked ourselves – and encouraged others to share what they are grateful for.

And in the spirit of extending our attitude of gratitude, we wanted to gather all the amazing responses in one place to share what everyone is #grateful4.

What We're #Grateful4 at 4FRONT

•The chance to work w/teammates around the globe & to be on an ALL-IN team of talented & passionate people.

•Family, friends, colleagues and the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

•Cats on the internet, Karen memes and a company doing everything it can to keep us all safe right now.

•Everyone trying to do good in this world during a difficult time.

•Our friendship & time as teammates.

•Meeting @danmigala, beating @jkritzler in pingpong, reimagining w/ @BrianGainor, road trips @eman14 and working w/ so many amazing people #sportsbiz

•The chance to be teammates with such amazing, talented and incredibly nice people. These are undoubtedly tough times for all of us but no better group than this one to face the challenge head-on!

•All of the selfless & caring healthcare workers on the front lines during this crisis, the health of my family, friends & 4FRONT teammates, and an amazing morning coffee view.

•Good health and great relationships in my life.

•Being part of a team that values its employees and is constantly looking ahead in tough times.

•Incredible leaders who’ve dedicated their lives to making the sports industry a better place.

•Healthcare workers, afternoon walks, time to reconnect w/ family, & last but not least @Team_4FRONT! During this time its been inspiring to see our team adapt to the world around us, but also care about & support each other along the way!

•My wife and kids, MN family, FL family, work colleagues and partners, sunny days here in Colorado and plenty of reading material.

•Hope – even when everything falls apart. For all of the selfless people of the world – regular but extraordinary people on the frontlines – Healthcare professionals, coworkers, public service & all those who are doing their best to help us get through these times.

•So much! Including the health and safety of my family, incredible friends who keep close, @OhioUSports Ad Bobcat family & @Team_4FRONT teammates who turned into friends & family.

•My son, wife, friends, colleagues, the sports industry, Colorado Hazy IPAs, @LFC@CollingwoodFC, barbecues (you can probably guess what I am doing right now) and more.

•All of the amazing people in my life, including my family, friends, teammates, and partners. Especially in these difficult times, I have the best support system in the world.

•My family, Darcy, Memorial Stadium and Khalil Mack.


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