Winning With People

By: Jenna Kampfschulte

Everyone talks about the importance of workplace culture and values. Studies have been conducted, surveys have been issued and insights reported. And we’ve read A LOT of those studies!

Over the years, we’ve realized there are multiple “things” that organizations can do to create a positive / fun / employee-centric culture (just grab a copy of Harvard Business Review or watch a Simon Sinek Ted Talk for a few ideas.) Sure a beer fridge, old school video games and comfy couches help… but there’s more to it than that….

Like many things in life, we’ve realized it’s actually pretty simple: people want to feel like they matter. At the individual level and the organizational level.

And at 4FRONT, while we admit that we’re still a work in progress, we strive to listen every day and work to make sure everyone is heard and knows that they really do matter.

That’s why it was extra special when Front Office Sports informed us that we were selected as a winner of their inaugural “Best Employers in Sports” award.

There were over 500 companies who submitted responses – and we feel truly humbled and honored to be among them. Winners were selected based on quantitative and qualitative measures that were combined to answer the question – how do people FEEL about where they work.

Feelings in the workplace are a funny thing, aren’t they? Some people are totally cool with them – others get uncomfortable – and others just avoid them all together. Why then, would we care so much about how our people feel about working here? Why would we put so much emphasis on something so unpredictable?

We love ALL our teammates - even the ones who move to Australia!

Because we understand that feelings influence nearly everything that we do. They create connections (or disconnections – but that’s another blog about communication skills.) They drive perception, motivation – and impact. And impact drives learning, which drives success.

At 4FRONT, we believe that to be successful, we need people who are all-in, who can roll with the punches, who will stick it out during difficult times and celebrate with champagne toasts when times are good. We need people who are on a continuous quest for betterment – who thrive in the uncertainty – who laugh with one another (and, admittedly, sometimes at one another.) None of this is cognitively or behaviorally possible without emotional significance.

So yeah –  we feel pretty good that our people feel pretty good about being on the team.

So good we asked them to share their feelings as well:


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